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Medical Mortality Research Specialist

Optimum Re Insurance Company / Montréal / Permanent / Temps plein

Responsabilités spécifiques

Optimum Re is seeking a highly motivated candidate who possesses a deep knowledge of mortality risk and can provide medical mortality risk stratification to drive our internal life underwriting guideline changes.  You will need to possess the ability to use clinical medical and research evidence-based mortality results to build out the Optimum Re life manual using scientific methodology consistent with the American Academy of Insurance Medicine (AAIM) Morbidity and Mortality guidelines. The Optimum manual should demonstrate excellence in life underwriting and give clear instructions to life underwriters on how to assess mortality risk and apply appropriate life ratings as necessary to account for the inherent mortality risk in any case.

Areas of responsibility:

  • Conducts medical research in the form of medical literature searches and reviews and performs mortality analysis on studied populations and uses experience honed from the life industry experts to update and revise the medical underwriting manuals, balancing actuarial accuracy, competitive pressures, and life manual user-friendliness.
  • Follows the Optimum Re prescribed internal methodology for all manual updates and can shepherd the manual updates and changes through the Optimum Re oversight committees.
  • Participates in life underwriting industry activities to ensure the Optimum Re manual is current with the mainstream life industry guidelines and regulatory environment.
  • Explores, introduces, and helps pilot medical and underwriting innovation opportunities to help improve efficiencies and client experiences.
  • Continuous learning leading towards certification and appropriate designations and specialty specific board certification.

Expérience et formation

  • Bachelor of Science in biostatistics or Master’s degree in insurance science or epidemiology
  • Industry experience of at least 3 years working in the life insurance industry.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Prior life reinsurance experience.
  • Prior life manual development experience

Qualités et aptitudes

Continuing education with regular attendance at industry meetings

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La filiale

Optimum Re Insurance Company est une filiale du Groupe Optimum, un groupe financier canadien privé d’envergure internationale.

La société dont le siège social est situé à Dallas (Texas) fête en 2017 ses 30 ans d'activité dans le domaine de l'assurance de personnes.

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