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Our promise

Your professional development is important to us. You will evolve in an environment filled with experts where you will be called to participate in many projects aiming to broaden your field of expertise. Your ability to influence will enable you to have a real impact on the course of our business. Our strong and privately-owned financial group is constantly growing.

Throughout the years, it has diversified into activity sectors while maintaining a human scale. You will thus have the opportunity to develop your talents within these spheres. The success of our multidisciplinary teams is based both on our managers and our well-rounded employees. Our group has maintained a family atmosphere and is proud of its corporate values and philanthropic commitment.

Available Positions

Optimum Reassurance Inc.
Montreal, CAN

Optimum Informatique Inc.
Montreal, CAN

Optimum Asset Management Inc.
Montreal, CAN

Life at Optimum

In 2019, Optimum Financial Group donated the sum of $105,719 to the Fondation Dr Julien.

Contribution to Fondation Dr Julien

Since 2013, Optimum Financial Group supports the Fondation Dr Julien (FDJ). Their mission is to help children from vulnerable environments develop their full potential and improve their well-being. Over 2,000 children and their family have access to social pediatric care and services offered by the FDJ. The amount of $101,587,25 has been given to the FDJ in December 2021, totaling over $800,000 in donations over 9 years, thanks to the participation of our employees in the annual fundraising campaign activities.

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